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Stock Splits

I often wonder if stock splits are really that good for an investor. I have posed this question to many experts with varying opinions. Some feel that a stock split encourages growth and shows the health of a particular company, while others say it has little to no effect at all. Both parties are correct but I tend to believe a split… Read More

Google (GOOG) Dilemma

My background is in the tech sector and for a number of years I have been looking at Google and kicking myself for not having purchased any stock when it first came on the market. I strongly believe that Google is here to stay and that they offer the best search engine product available today. Unbelievably Google is also great… Read More

Year End Review

2014 is here and I wanted to share with everyone how I did with my stocks for last year. I have been researching the stock market for a couple of years now and only started to invest in the market on August 27th 2013. Please keep in mind that these returns are representative of a four month period only. I would… Read More